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The Dental Professional’s Role in the Prevention of Antibiotic Resistance and Adverse Antibiotic Reactions

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Review of the Role of Adjunctive Antibiotics to Aid Dental Procedures

A recent publication has highlighted significant inconsistency in antibiotic prescribing patterns among the dental community.44 These survey data demonstrated that adjunctive prescription of antibiotics was more common by American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) members than members of the American Dental Association.44 Given the microbial etiology of periodontitis, it has been suggested that the adjunctive use of systemic antibiotics could be beneficial for clinical outcomes.45-47 It should be noted that subsets of the population, such as those with immunocompromise or systemic illness, may demonstrate a larger clinical benefit and antibiotic prescription may be best served focused on such individuals.48-50 Further research to identify patients who would best benefit from adjunctive antibiotic therapy with dental treatment could allow for a meaningful improvement in antibiotic stewardship.