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Evaluating and Establishing Ideal Smile Esthetics : Beauty is More than Skin Deep

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Buccal Corridor Fill

The negative or empty space between the buccal surfaces of the posterior teeth and the commissures of the mouth during smile is called the buccal corridor.20,21 The literature is unclear on the impact of the buccal corridor space on smile esthetic perception. Complete fill of the buccal corridor in patients with a complete maxillary denture results in a less esthetic and less natural in appearance, but in patients who have received orthodontic therapy complete fill of the buccal corridor, resulting in display of teeth #3-14 is considered optimal.21-23, Transverse arch dimension can influence buccal corridor fill; a broad arch generally results in more complete fill of the buccal corridor space than a constricted arch.22 The relative antero-posterior position of the maxilla within the frame of the lips can also impact buccal corridor (Figure 5).16,20

Buccal Corridor Fill - Figure 1

Figure 5: Incomplete buccal corridor fill related to transverse arch dimension.