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Intraoral Imaging Techniques: Beyond the Textbook

Course Number: 660

Problem #6: Not Imaging the Entire Tooth

Example: Cutting the crowns and incisal edges off periapical images, not imaging the entire tooth.

Discussion and Solutions:

1. Excessive vertical angulation can cut crowns and incisal edges (section on The Basics of Intraoral Imaging: Horizontal and Vertical Angulation) off the image. Correct this problem by decreasing the vertical angulation either by re-positioning the sensor in the mouth, or by simply moving the PID to a more appropriate position for the teeth being imaged.

2. Crowns and incisal edges may be cut off because of the lack of active sensor in the path. This often happens because the sensor holder has a thin bitepiece that places the dead zone directly across from the crowns. Solution: Use a spacer at the crown of the tooth. By placing a piece of cotton against the crown of the tooth, the sensor is raised above the crown, allowing the radiation path to include active sensor (Figure 31).

ce660 - Fig 31

Figure 31
Creating space with a cotton roll to prevent cutting crowns off the image. Lifting the sensor above the crowns will increase the chance that the Path of Radiation will include active sensor.