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Intraoral Imaging Techniques: Beyond the Textbook

Course Number: 660

Problem #9: Capturing the Mesial and Distal of a Canine

Discussion and Solution: The canine sits at the corner of the arch. The mesial canine contact is captured from the front on an anterior periapical image, and the distal contact is captured from a posterior perspective, on a premolar bitewing or periapical image. In Figure 36, a periapical image of canine #6 was acquired for a pre-cementation check of the PFM crown. The entire crown margin cannot be seen due to the overlap of the premolar #5 on the periapical image. A bitewing image was acquired that shows the open contact on the distal margin. When imaging a canine that is within the arch of teeth, it is best to capture images from an anterior and a posterior perspective.

ce660 - Fig 36

Figure 36 - Canine Periapical.
(A) Pre-cementation periapical of #6 does not show the distal margin. (B) The bitewing shows the open distal margin (as well as the mesial in this case).