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Sports Dentistry - Education and Prevention: Play it Right!

Course Number: 679


Traumatic dental injuries are highly prevalent, especially during sport activities. It should be emphasized and acknowledged that many cases of dental trauma are preventable. Appropriate approach includes primary prevention, i.e., avoidance of pathology development, and secondary prevention, i.e., early diagnosing and treatment of the pathology before significant morbidity occurs. The role of a dental professional is not only to provide treatment of dental diseases but also to educate for prevention of diseases as well as injuries.1

As the duty of providing the public with measures for the maintenance of proper oral health is of the dental profession, the responsibility of providing primary and secondary prevention of dental trauma is of dentists, dental hygienists, assistants and other dental professionals. We should also educate other medical, paramedical, and non-medical professionals, considering that they could not maintain a high level of knowledge and service regarding dental trauma without a continuous educational effort by dental professionals. It should be remembered that as the prevalence of dental decay has reduced in the Western world during recent decades, dental trauma plays a significant part in causing dental morbidity and tooth loss.1

This course will focus on different levels of prevention and will provide resources for the dental professional regarding sport related traumatic dental injuries.

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