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Staffing: Seven Steps to Build a Superior Team

Course Number: 700

Step 2: Interviewing

Interviewing is a very time consuming and arduous process. Especially when the candidate does not show up! We suggest you begin with phone screening all candidates before setting up live meetings. This can be done either by a doctor or team member and the screening questions should determine whether this individual should receive a live interview appointment. Questions can include:

Sample Phone Screening Questions

It is also important to complete a job description. The job description should include:

ce700 - Images - Job Description

If the candidate is offered a live interview after the phone screening, you should request that they email a résumé. The practice can then also check references prior to the live interview, allowing it to be prepared to offer the candidate a position during the meeting.

In the past it was often recommended to hold 2 to 3 interviews with a potential candidate. However, today it is more effective to plan on holding only 1 in-person interview. There’s a danger that waiting too long may result in the candidate accepting another position. Once the phone screening is complete and the résumé has been requested the interviewer should be prepared to present a job offer if the live interview shows that they are the right candidate.

The overall approach is to be prepared for the interview through phone screening, résumé review, reference checks, and offer prep.