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Dental Scripts: Scripting the Patient Welcome

To stand out in a crowded field, your practice needs to consistently “WOW” patients. Dental scripts have the power to elevate your customer service from ordinary to extraordinary. The patient welcome plays a crucial role in how new and current patients perceive your office.

Here are six tips for creating effective welcome dental scripts:

1) Be Prepared

Use the morning meeting to review the patients scheduled for the day. Take a look at any notes in their files to reacquaint yourself with their dental history, personal background and interests. For new patients, make sure to learn as much as you can about them and record all relevant information in their files.

2) Greet Patients Warmly

You want patients––whether new or current––to feel you are happy to see them. Remember, going to the dentist isn’t on anyone’s list of favorite activities. In fact, many patients have dental phobias. By greeting them warmly and addressing them by their first name, you begin to put patients at ease.

3) Up the Enthusiasm

Levin Group teaches our clients to treat all patients like VIPs. It’s not only what you say, but how you say it. Patients want to feel that they are the center of attention when they’re in your practice. They don’t want to feel like they are an interruption or that you would rather be doing something else. An energetic, enthusiastic greeting gets the appointment off to a great start.

4) Make Patients Feel at Home

For new patients, step out from behind the counter and shake their hand. Show them around the reception area, pointing out any amenities, including WiFi, beverages and reading materials. Let current patients know if there have been any changes since their last visit. If the practice is running on schedule, tell them that they will be seen at their appointed time.

5) Build Value for the Appointment

Never assume patients know what to expect. Always encourage and reassure them regarding their appointment, whether it’s a new patient visiting for the first time or a long-term patient having a restoration. Let them know what lies ahead. Statements such as “Dr. Jones is looking forward to meeting you, Ms. Stevens” or “Your smile is going to look amazing with that new crown, Mr. Hughes.” Positive statements help build value for treatment, while defusing any anxiety.

6) Don’t Forget Your Body Language

Make eye contact when speaking with patients. Stand or sit up straight. Good posture conveys that you are engaged in the conversation and mean what you say. Don’t fold your arms… this shows that you are feeling uncomfortable or defensive.


The patient welcome sets the stage for the rest of the appointment. Use these tips for creating powerful scripts that welcome patients properly to your practice.

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