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Explaining how to floss using a floss threader is quite easy. Demonstrating the use of the threader on an anterior tooth is not too difficult. But, try to get in between the molars with the threader. Now, this is a challenge, especially if you are trying to perform this on your own mouth. This explanation gives some insight into the daily trials of an orthodontic patient. There have been floss handles and floss picks out on the market for years to help non-orthodontic patients floss and reach the posterior teeth. And, finally there have been some newer products released in the market for the orthodontic patient to use to make flossing easier without the use of a floss threader. The Platypus® Orthodontic Flosser may look like any disposable flosser, but when looked at closely it has a thin spatula end on one side of the floss bow. This thin area of the floss holder simply slides in between the archwire and tooth allowing floss to access the interproximal area (Figure 3).

Image: Flossing the interproximal area.

Figure 3.

Gumchucks ORTHOgami is a flossing device that has handles similar to nunchucks with a disposable end for flossing upon it that easily slips under the archwire (Figures 4 and 5).

Gumchucks ORTHOgami flossing device

Figure 4.

Gumchucks ORTHOgami

Figure 5.