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Sulcular & Interproximal Brushes

In order to reach into tight areas, one would need a smaller head of bristles. The sulcular toothbrush's original purpose was to brush the sulcular areas of the teeth. However, repurposing the brush because of its size to reach in smaller areas is an excellent alternative. Complete plaque removal cannot be accomplished with toothbrushing alone. It is recommended to utilize interdental brushes or monotufted brush heads.12 Using this tool to assist in reaching around brackets and in between the teeth and archwire is useful in plaque removal. However, using the brush for its original purpose is helpful to stimulate the gums interdentally. End tuft toothbrushes can also be used for this purpose although they are typically larger in diameter (Figure 7).

Image: Sulcular and interproximal brushing.

Figure 7.