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Ortho 101 for the Dental Professional

Course Number: 413


Understanding the challenges orthodontic patients face in maintaining good oral hygiene is necessary for dental professionals to assist these patients in achieving optimal oral health. Many of us can relate to solving problems in our daily lives whether at work or home. Sometimes it is just a minor interference creating a slight change in our routine. However, on occasion there may be several obstacles in the path of our journey towards the goal and we need to redirect ourselves.

Orthodontic treatment could be considered a double-edged sword. On one hand the treatment will align the teeth and lead to a beautiful smile, but on the other hand the lack of easy access to perform good oral hygiene from orthodontic appliances can be a causative factor in carious lesions and gingivitis. The creation of one or multiple obstacles in attaining an aesthetically pleasing smile without compromising the integrity of the enamel or the health of the gingiva is the challenge faced by orthodontic patients.

The key to prevention of disease within the orthodontic patient lies within the dental professionals' knowledge of the challenges faced by the patient and the patient’s desire to be compliant to the recommendations set forth by the experts.