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Full Arch Implant Prostheses: Part II - Fabrication Procedures

Course Number: 618

Fabrication of Definitive Prostheses

The technique for fabrication of a maxillary implant overdenture with an open palate design (retentive elements incorporated during denture processing) and a mandibular “all-on-5” fixed (Figure 1) implant-supported complete denture (acrylic with titanium framework) is described below:

Figure 1. Mandibular posterior implants intentionally tilted by 30° to improve the AP spread.

Second Stage Surgery

Following implant placement and a 3-4-month healing period (as determined by the surgeon), second stage surgery is performed (if needed) and cover screws are replaced with healing abutments (Figure 2). The transitional prostheses are adjusted and relined with a soft reline material. The procedures for the fabrication of the definitive prostheses are initiated after 2-3 weeks.

Figure 2A. Healing abutments attached to the maxillary implant.

Figure 2B. Healing abutments attached to the mandibular implants.