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Full Arch Implant Prostheses: Part II - Fabrication Procedures

Course Number: 618

Recall and Maintenance

The condition of the overdenture attachments and retentive inserts should be evaluated during the recall appointments to determine the need for reactivation or replacement of the attachments/inserts. Failure to replace worn inserts can result in wear and damage to the abutment and prosthesis.

Re-tightening of screws of the Fixed implant prosthesis at subsequent recall visits should not be performed as it may lead to excessive screw elongation and affect the interface stability.48 Full-arch fixed implant-supported restorations should not be removed from the mouth during the recall appointments unless it cannot be optimally cleaned with the superstructure in place or the prostheses presents with mechanical complications.48 During the maintenance visits, it is important to remove all the debris and calculus from the undersurface of the fixed restoration with cleaning instruments (ultrasonic devices with plastic tips or rubber cup and low-abrasive polishing paste) compatible with the material of the implants and superstructures.

Maintenance appointments should be scheduled at 2- to 6-month intervals based on various patient’s risk factors including history of smoking, periodontitis, systemic conditions, and hygiene compliance/ability.48

Radiographs may be taken every 1-2 years or when there are signs of infection/complications.