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As The Practice Grows "Celebrating Fun Holidays"

Mmmm. (taking bite of chocolate) Thanks for tuning in to another episode.

That’s delicious chocolate. I'm your host Brad. We really appreciate you joining us on this sweet episode. Today, we’re gonna be talking about celebrating holidays at your Practice. Fun, really cool holidays like National Chocolate Day. Did you know there’s a holiday for nearly every single day for your Dental Office to celebrate? Kooky things like National Guacamole Day, National Cheese Pizza Day. But there’s also way more pertinent things like National Smile Day, National Brush Your Teeth Day, National Dentist Day, and even longer celebrations such as Children’s Dental Health Month. Let me give you an example of how your Practice can celebrate one of these fun holidays. Let’s say you want to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. Order some pizzas from your favorite local pizzeria in town. Enjoy this holiday together as a Team. Take some pictures of yourself eating the pizza. On your Social Media posts… I know you’re gonna tag and mention that pizzeria… Write, “If you’re celebrating National Cheese Pizza Day today as well, make sure to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.”

See how you’re then able to engage and tie in a really nice Dental vibe without selling Dentistry? That’s the perfect post for Social Media: it shows personality, engagement, and a tip - all without selling! Posting about holidays is even EASIER with the DentalCare.com holiday Social Media toolkit.

Download some of the posts about major holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Years - and for the lesser known National Tooth Fairy Day and National Toothache Day. If you can find the holiday spirit on a regular basis at your Practice, celebrating everything from National Candy Cane Day to National Pistachio Nut Day… You'll be a Marketing Genius. And that’ll be sweet.

Thanks for watching.