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As The Practice Grows Education Based Marketing

Hi everybody. Welcome to another episode of ”As the Practice Grows.” I'm your host Brad. Thanks so much for joining us.

Today we’re going to cover a timeless and universal marketing topic for your practice – Education Based Marketing. What is Education Based Marketing? To put it simply, this means keeping your patients informed on a variety of Oral-Health topics through Content Marketing, and using these “touches” to remind them of your services.

When I refer to the word “touches”, this relates to every piece of marketing material you publish both online and offline. Education Based Marketing could be as simple as forwarding a link to an article on the DentalCare.com “Patient Education” section, or as involved as producing an on-going Video Series for a specialty your practice is known for.

Now, two hugely important takeaways on Education Based Marketing. First, educate, don't sell. You’ll turn off your audience if the message is clearly self-promoting. Second, and just as important, focus on the topic or procedure you want to be found for. So for instance, let's say you want to be the leading Dental Implants specialist in your area. The way to do that is by educating patients through video content, blog posts, website optimization, and Social Media posts about a variety of Dental Implant topics. You're not trying to sell them. You’re not exhorting them to “call the number on your screen now!” Instead, you're educating them on the questions they may be looking for in regards to this specific “search term”, while also promoting the services you provide… and how you can treat them. This is the key. I recently met with an office whose Dental Hygienists are filming videos on topics such as “How to Scrape Your Tongue Properly”, “What Foods Promote Healthy Smiles” and “Flossing Tips”. This shows so much personality, provides more fun for everyone at the practice, and really helps share the story of their unique patient experience. Leveraging the power of Education Based Marketing is huge for your overall branding, engagement and conversion.

If you make this a major focus of your Content Strategy, you’ll be a Marketing “Genius”. Thanks for watching!