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As The Practice Grows

"As the Practice Grows" is a web-based Dental Marketing show covering a range of topics, strategies and initiatives. Each episode provides actionable wisdom to help elevate your Practice to an entirely new level of success.

“As the Practice Grows” is informative, engaging, and most of all, entertaining.

“Education Based Marketing” discusses how Dental Practices can stay in touch with patients—and reach out to new patients—using Oral-Health content. It explains that these “touches” could be as simple as a link to an article, or as involved as an ongoing video series. The episode wraps by pointing out that Education Based Marketing is smart, and effective, because it “informs” rather than “sells.”

As The Practice Grows Education Based Marketing

Hi everybody. Welcome to another episode of ”As the Practice Grows.” I'm your host Brad. Thanks so much for joining us.

Today we’re going to cover a timeless and universal marketing topic for your practice – Education Based Marketing. What is Education Based Marketing? To put it simply, this means keeping your patients informed on a variety of Oral-Health topics through Content Marketing, and using these “touches” to remind them of your services.

When I refer to the word “touches”, this relates to every piece of marketing material you publish both online and offline. Education Based Marketing could be as simple as forwarding a link to an article on the “Patient Education” section, or as involved as producing an on-going Video Series for a specialty your practice is known for.

Now, two hugely important takeaways on Education Based Marketing. First, educate, don't sell. You’ll turn off your audience if the message is clearly self-promoting. Second, and just as important, focus on the topic or procedure you want to be found for. So for instance, let's say you want to be the leading Dental Implants specialist in your area. The way to do that is by educating patients through video content, blog posts, website optimization, and Social Media posts about a variety of Dental Implant topics. You're not trying to sell them. You’re not exhorting them to “call the number on your screen now!” Instead, you're educating them on the questions they may be looking for in regards to this specific “search term”, while also promoting the services you provide… and how you can treat them. This is the key. I recently met with an office whose Dental Hygienists are filming videos on topics such as “How to Scrape Your Tongue Properly”, “What Foods Promote Healthy Smiles” and “Flossing Tips”. This shows so much personality, provides more fun for everyone at the practice, and really helps share the story of their unique patient experience. Leveraging the power of Education Based Marketing is huge for your overall branding, engagement and conversion.

If you make this a major focus of your Content Strategy, you’ll be a Marketing “Genius”. Thanks for watching!

“The Patient Check-In” explains how to use one of the most effective Social Media tools available today. It points out that a “Check-In” is when someone goes to a Social Media platform and lets friends and family know where they are. The episode shows how to encourage patients to check in at a Dental Practice, and points out that it’s a great way to create scalable word-of- mouth marketing, and offer organic Search Engine Optimization in the process.

As The Practice Grows “The Patient Check-in”

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today. I'm your host Brad, with another extremely exciting episode. And it's all about the Patient Check In.

In my opinion, the check in is the biggest no brainer in the history of marketing. Curious what a check in is? Well, It's when someone goes to a Social Media platform and they let all their friends and family know where they are. So encouraging patients to check in at your practice is a great way to create scalable word-of-mouth marketing.

Now all you have to do is put a check-in sign in the reception area that says, “check in and win a prize.” The Check In will actually give you some nice organic SEO juice as well. Now, check out the additional resources on for more local marketing ideas. With that being said, I recommend a check-in and win a prize program for your office. So what kind of a prize are we talking about? Well, this could be a gift card to a local coffee shop, pack of xylitol gum, or even an oral-health kit branded with your logo. Or, even an electric rechargeable toothbrush bundle. Say maybe the Oral B Genius perhaps?

The point is this. Make sure your prizes are personalized and unique. Because when you give a patient something that's memorable, they will tell all their friends and family about your practice…and their experience. And that's the key to this whole check-in initiative… to create ambassadors out of your patients, so they tell everyone about your practice. If you're looking to bring more altruism to your marketing initiatives... Maybe instead of giving the patient a gift, such as a coffee shop gift card for every check in, what if you donate one canned food item to the local food pantry, for every check-in. Think about the goodwill that gesture creates in the local community. When you incorporate an altruistic component into your marketing campaign, it's a win-win across the board. I highly encourage you to come up with your own personalized prizes for the check-in, because this will most appropriately represent the unique mission of your Dental Team. And if you focus on that, you're going to be Marketing Genius.

Thanks for watching.

As The Practice Grows  "The First Touch"

Hi, and thanks for tuning into another episode, I’m your host, Brad. Today we’re going to talk about something I call the first touch. This is the initial contact potential patients have with your practice. Now, usually, this starts with the phone call. When a new patient calls your office, it’s hugely important to project an upbeat attitude right from the start. Every phone call at your practice should be answered with a smile. It’s great to use a customized greeting that can help brand your practice and make it unique. Make sure to keep it authentic. You don’t want to sound like a robot. Instruct your team to ask for the person’s first name and always call them by their first name. People love the sound of their name. Make sure to ALWAYS have someone answering your phone. Yes. This includes off hours and during lunch. Statistics show that if a potential patient gets an answering machine - they will not call back. But once you do get this person on the phone, try to find out how they discovered your practice. It’s so important to track referral sources that are working effectively for your practice. Train your team to gather the necessary personal information, and schedule the patient as soon as possible. Another important first touch is to have an interactive chat feature on your website. Now I’m not talking about live chat, which requires a person standing by. This is having a chat feature on your homepage and it’s the easiest way to capture new leads to your website. This allows you to grab their contact information so you can get back to them at your convenience. Text messages are the most effective way to communicate with patients today. Just look at your phone. How many unread text messages? Maybe a few. Possibly none. Now look at your emails on your phone. How many unread do you have there? That’s why texts are so effective. Most text messages are actually opened within the first 5 minutes while emails clearly are not. Another key first touch is the contact form on your dental website. Make sure it’s working properly. Email yourself on your dental website contact form to make sure you’re receiving those messages. You’d be surprised how many are broken.

For more information about your patients’ first phone call and other first touches…

Explore the plethora of ideas here at Because if you capture the first touch with new patients seamlessly, your conversion rate will improve, more patients will walk through the door and most importantly, you’ll be a marketing genius. Thanks so much for watching!

"Wall of Fame" examines how displaying patient before-and-after photographs in a Dental Practice can deliver a myriad benefits. The episode exhibits how these powerful images would create emotion in the office, customized content for Search Engine Optimization, and potentially increased conversion for new patients.

As The Practice Grows "Patient Wall of Fame"

Hi, and welcome to another episode. I'm your host Brad. Thanks so much for joining us.

Today, we're talking about creating a dental patient Wall of Fame. What is a patient wall of fame? Imagine walking into a practice. You stop and see a wall of photos of all these beautiful smiles—patients just beaming with joy over how they look with their new beautiful teeth. Along with the photo, you see a caption that tells you what was done, like “treatment, porcelain veneers.” Under that, a testimonial from the patient, “I so love my beautiful new smile. The veneers look great, and the experience was amazing.” That’s the idea. A patient wall of fame showcasing your work not only makes a powerful statement, but it creates emotion…

Another benefit of the walk of fame? Having a visual representation of your specialty helps patients imagine undergoing that procedure themselves. A variation of the wall of fame is a book in your reception area of before and after pictures of actual patients. It reminds me of an interior designer’s look book, where they showcase apartments or homes that they designed. The look book shows they have a lot of interior design experience, exactly like you having all this clinical excellence creating these beautiful smiles. Now it’s important that these photos look professional. You can also re-purpose this content however you like. Customized content that tells your unique story is great for Search Engine Optimization, branding, and patient conversion. Remember to use first names only, and always get release forms signed.

Hopefully your patient wall of fame will be so successful, you'll run out of room and have to find another wall. A patient Wall of Fame is easy to do, and it works on so many different levels. Some offices will even have a photo shoot party complete with hair and makeup to really give patients the star treatment.

For more ideas like this, check out the additional resources on for tips on Internal Marketing to grow your business. The Dental Wall of Fame is one more way for you to be… a Marketing “Genius”. Thanks for watching!

“Celebrating Fun Holidays” explains how Dental Practices can use Fun National Holidays as an effective marketing tool. Whether it’s Dental related, such as National Dentists Day, or unrelated, such as National Pizza Day, we’ll show you how to generate creative content, while making the day something to celebrate.

As The Practice Grows "Celebrating Fun Holidays"

Mmmm. (taking bite of chocolate) Thanks for tuning in to another episode.

That’s delicious chocolate. I'm your host Brad. We really appreciate you joining us on this sweet episode. Today, we’re gonna be talking about celebrating holidays at your Practice. Fun, really cool holidays like National Chocolate Day. Did you know there’s a holiday for nearly every single day for your Dental Office to celebrate? Kooky things like National Guacamole Day, National Cheese Pizza Day. But there’s also way more pertinent things like National Smile Day, National Brush Your Teeth Day, National Dentist Day, and even longer celebrations such as Children’s Dental Health Month. Let me give you an example of how your Practice can celebrate one of these fun holidays. Let’s say you want to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. Order some pizzas from your favorite local pizzeria in town. Enjoy this holiday together as a Team. Take some pictures of yourself eating the pizza. On your Social Media posts… I know you’re gonna tag and mention that pizzeria… Write, “If you’re celebrating National Cheese Pizza Day today as well, make sure to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.”

See how you’re then able to engage and tie in a really nice Dental vibe without selling Dentistry? That’s the perfect post for Social Media: it shows personality, engagement, and a tip - all without selling! Posting about holidays is even EASIER with the holiday Social Media toolkit.

Download some of the posts about major holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Years - and for the lesser known National Tooth Fairy Day and National Toothache Day. If you can find the holiday spirit on a regular basis at your Practice, celebrating everything from National Candy Cane Day to National Pistachio Nut Day… You'll be a Marketing Genius. And that’ll be sweet.

Thanks for watching.

“Marketing In The Community” explores how Dental Practices can be opportunistic with activities in their local communities to market themselves. The episode points out that building relationships and rapport is the key to this form of marketing. From reaching out to schools, to sponsoring youth sports teams, Community-Based Marketing is all about engaging in the local community.

As The Practice Grows "Marketing In The Community"

Hi, and welcome to another episode. I'm your host Brad. Thanks so much for joining us.

Today’s topic: Community-Based Marketing.

One of the keys to an effective online conversation is engaging with the local community. Whether you’re in a town of 5000, or 5 million, sharing local content and helping people promote their own businesses is hugely important. Community-Based Marketing is all about building relationships and rapport with the people and organizations in your community. The key is to not come off as selling your own stuff, but rather engaging with and benefiting your neighbors, your friends.


So follow local pages on the top Social Media platforms you’re using. Engage in as many community activities as you can. Because the more you do, the more you create awareness of your practice. The Goal is for your office to be known as the best choice for Dental Care in your area. Here are some Community-Based Marketing strategies we recommend:

Reach out to your local schools. Speak to students about Oral-Health. February is an AMAZING time to do this since it is Children’s Dental Health Month. has phenomenal patient education tools for this. There are pre-written letters to send to teachers, activity books, education guides and even customizable lesson plans. Don’t forget to bring a little goodie bag for each child - equipped with some fun Dental samples, your card and a letter to their parents introducing yourself and saying what you taught their child.

I love the idea of sponsoring youth sports teams in your area. Imagine a banner with your Dental Practice logo emblazoned center ice at the local ice rink. So for every hockey game they watch or play in, they look up and see your Practice. That’s awesome. You might even participate in community outreach programs to do exams or treat people in need in your area.

So do your thing, right here in your community. Participate, sponsor, volunteer, engage. Because if you do…you’ll benefit way more lives… And you’ll also be a marketing genius.

Thanks so much for watching! And keep up the inspiring work.

“Empower Your Dental Team” explores the many benefits of assigning Team Members their own areas of expertise. The episode points out that delegating responsibilities to key members can help Dental Practices improve productivity, morale and ROI.

As The Practice Grows "Empower Your Dental Team"

Thanks for tuning in to another episode. I'm your host Brad. Today, we’re going to talk about a topic that you’re probably already doing, but it’s really important to do right. And that’s Empowering Your Team. Empowering Your Team is just plain smart business. It boosts morale. Makes the vibe in the office upbeat, which patients can feel and feed off of. It also creates a motivated bunch of Team Members. If they have a responsibility that they can call their own, they feel inspired to make sure it’s done right. Plus, it creates friendly competition, as each team member’s got his or her fiefdom to look after. Now the most critical area for empowering Team Members is marketing your practice.

Many consumers turn to Social Media and the Internet when making a purchasing decision, or booking an appointment at a Practice. So having people in charge of your Social Media presence, to build and maintain your conversations, is hugely important. That’s why you should first appoint a "Chief Marketing Officer".

Second, assign a Team Member to track and monitor how well the content is working. You have to measure ROI and all your marketing initiatives. Third, make sure you reward your Team Members for creating powerful content, as this makes a ginormous difference in your production. The point is this, recognition for a job well done, it goes a long way to building your Team Spirit. Additionally, make sure you are investing in yourself AND your Team.

Take the time to train yourself on being an effective leader and do your best to help your Team Members obtain new skills. Explore some of the amazing CE courses right here on There’s techniques such as implementing “The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory”. I mean this right here can be effective way to make your office a happier and more productive workplace. Because if you empower your Team Members, your patients will have a more memorable experience, the Practice will be way more successful... And most importantly, you'll be a Marketing Genius. Thanks for watching.


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