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Dental Website Tips

As The Practice Grows  "Dental Website Tips"

Thanks for tuning in to another episode. I'm your host Brad.

Today, we’re going to talk about your website because your Dental website is hugely important.

It’s the first impression of your Practice. It’s the place where prospective patients turn before making an appointment. So we’re going to be offering some tips on how to maximize it.

Now let's start with the updating of the look and feel. So make sure to pay attention to the color palette, font and layout. Make sure your content is refreshed on a regular basis.

Be very particular about the images you're using. If possible, have a professional photographer come in and capture quality content.

Now a key component of your website is called “Above the Fold.” Above the Fold is what people see on your website first before they scroll down. This is literally making or breaking your new patient conversion. You want the Above the Fold to show personality and to capture peoples’ attention.

You also want to make sure your website is fully optimized.

Speed is of the upmost importance. Make sure to run a speed test on your website and check loading time both on the mobile and desktop versions. If it's not fully loading within 3 seconds, statistics show most people will bounce.

That means leave.

Another tip for your website is VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO. It's so important these days. We highly recommend having a video on your homepage.

Now, statistics show that one video on your website homepage increases conversion by 80%.
80% with one video.

It's tremendously important not only on your homepage, but also on a variety of other pages.

For information about improving your website… Check out the resources on DentalCare.com.

Because if you follow these tips, you’ll improve Search Engine (SEO) results, “stickiness” or time spent on the website, and new patient conversion…

You'll also be a Marketing Genius.

Thanks so much for watching.