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As The Practice Grows "Engagement Is The Key"

Hi. Thanks for joining us on another episode. I'm your host Brad.

Today, we're going to talk about how Engagement is the Key.

Whichever Social Media platform your Dental Practice prefers, you want to make sure that you're asking questions and responding to any comments, posts, mentions or messages.

And doing it in a timely manner.

How quick you respond is hugely important. For instance, you could ask a simple question: How often should you floss your teeth? Or, you could skew into local topics by asking a question like, what's your favorite spot for sushi in our city?

Now the key is to not only ask these questions, but read the comments and respond! Say, “Thank you for that great suggestion!” Actually go to that sushi place for lunch or dinner, and take your entire Dental team. Take a picture of yourselves enjoying the Rock Shrimp Tempura and edamame, and post it on your timelines!

Remember to tag and mention that sushi place as well.

Why? Because this is a strategic opportunity for local engagement, with a potentially hugely popular restaurant in your community.

I find that a lot of offices are not really listening to all the comments and questions patients are asking about, things like insurance or Oral-Health tips.

It’s important to address these questions and have someone on your Team constantly monitoring this activity. Because with each mention, there’s an opportunity to engage.

If someone came up to you today and said, “Susan, I love that purple sweater you're wearing.” You wouldn't say nothing and walk away. You’d probably say, “Thank you, Brad. So very nice of you.” It’s a friendly engagement and a nice conversation.

Well, the same type of conversation should be happening online.

Make sure to check out the resources on DentalCare.com for more tools to increase your local engagement.

Because engagement is the key. You’re going to get a tremendous amount of organic reach, overall goodwill in the community, and most importantly, conversion with New Dental Patients. And of course, if you do this, and focus on engagement, you’ll be a Marketing Genius.

Thanks for watching.