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As The Practice Grows "Marketing In The Community"

Hi, and welcome to another episode. I'm your host Brad. Thanks so much for joining us.

Today’s topic: Community-Based Marketing.

One of the keys to an effective online conversation is engaging with the local community. Whether you’re in a town of 5000, or 5 million, sharing local content and helping people promote their own businesses is hugely important. Community-Based Marketing is all about building relationships and rapport with the people and organizations in your community. The key is to not come off as selling your own stuff, but rather engaging with and benefiting your neighbors, your friends.


So follow local pages on the top Social Media platforms you’re using. Engage in as many community activities as you can. Because the more you do, the more you create awareness of your practice. The Goal is for your office to be known as the best choice for Dental Care in your area. Here are some Community-Based Marketing strategies we recommend:

Reach out to your local schools. Speak to students about Oral-Health. February is an AMAZING time to do this since it is Children’s Dental Health Month. DentalCare.com has phenomenal patient education tools for this. There are pre-written letters to send to teachers, activity books, education guides and even customizable lesson plans. Don’t forget to bring a little goodie bag for each child - equipped with some fun Dental samples, your card and a letter to their parents introducing yourself and saying what you taught their child.

I love the idea of sponsoring youth sports teams in your area. Imagine a banner with your Dental Practice logo emblazoned center ice at the local ice rink. So for every hockey game they watch or play in, they look up and see your Practice. That’s awesome. You might even participate in community outreach programs to do exams or treat people in need in your area.

So do your thing, right here in your community. Participate, sponsor, volunteer, engage. Because if you do…you’ll benefit way more lives… And you’ll also be a marketing genius.

Thanks so much for watching! And keep up the inspiring work.