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As The Practice Grows "Patient Wall of Fame"

Hi, and welcome to another episode. I'm your host Brad. Thanks so much for joining us.

Today, we're talking about creating a dental patient Wall of Fame. What is a patient wall of fame? Imagine walking into a practice. You stop and see a wall of photos of all these beautiful smiles—patients just beaming with joy over how they look with their new beautiful teeth. Along with the photo, you see a caption that tells you what was done, like “treatment, porcelain veneers.” Under that, a testimonial from the patient, “I so love my beautiful new smile. The veneers look great, and the experience was amazing.” That’s the idea. A patient wall of fame showcasing your work not only makes a powerful statement, but it creates emotion…

Another benefit of the walk of fame? Having a visual representation of your specialty helps patients imagine undergoing that procedure themselves. A variation of the wall of fame is a book in your reception area of before and after pictures of actual patients. It reminds me of an interior designer’s look book, where they showcase apartments or homes that they designed. The look book shows they have a lot of interior design experience, exactly like you having all this clinical excellence creating these beautiful smiles. Now it’s important that these photos look professional. You can also re-purpose this content however you like. Customized content that tells your unique story is great for Search Engine Optimization, branding, and patient conversion. Remember to use first names only, and always get release forms signed.

Hopefully your patient wall of fame will be so successful, you'll run out of room and have to find another wall. A patient Wall of Fame is easy to do, and it works on so many different levels. Some offices will even have a photo shoot party complete with hair and makeup to really give patients the star treatment.

For more ideas like this, check out the additional resources on Dentalcare.com for tips on Internal Marketing to grow your business. The Dental Wall of Fame is one more way for you to be… a Marketing “Genius”. Thanks for watching!