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Practical Panoramic Imaging

Course Number: 589

Quality Assurance

To ensure consistent high-quality panoramic images, a quality assurance program should be in place and conducted by qualified personnel. Radiographic quality assurance procedures include regular testing, planned monitoring and scheduled maintenance of x-ray equipment, image receptors, darkroom conditions and processing if film-based imaging is employed.

X-ray machines should be inspected periodically for x-ray output, kilovoltage calibration, half value layer, timer accuracy, milliamperage reproducibility, and collimation as required by state law. Operators must be qualified and credentialed according to state regulations.

The American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology has published several articles10,11 that provide guidance in the assessment of and compliance with recommended quality assurance procedures and radiation safety measures, particularly in regard to film-based imaging.

It is recommended that a retake log be maintained to help monitor the number of retakes and the errors committed. Identification of recurring errors indicates a need for continuing education and in-service staff training to eliminate such errors.