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The 2018 AAP/EFP Classification of Periodontal & Peri-implant Diseases

Course Number: 610

The 4 Major Components of the New Classification System

The 4 working group categories previously identified in the course introduction became the foundation for the new classification. Table 1 below illustrates the more detailed components of the new classification.

Table 1. The Components of the New Periodontal Disease Classification.

Periodontal Health, Gingivitis & Gingival ConditionsPeriodontitisOther Conditions Affecting the PeriodontiumPeri-implant Disease & Conditions
1. Periodontal Health & Gingival Health

2. Gingivitis Biofilm Induced

3. Gingival Diseases Non-biofilm Induced
1. Necrotizing Periodontal Diseases

2. Periodontitis as a Manifestation of Systemic Diseases

3. Periodontitis
1. Systemic diseases or conditions affecting periodontal supporting structures

2. Periodontal abscesses & endodontic-periodontal lesions

3. Mucogingival deformities & conditions

4. Traumatic occlusal forces

5. Tooth and prostheses-related factors
1. Peri-implant Health

2. Peri-implant Mucositis

3. Peri-implantitis

4. Peri-implant hard & soft tissue deficiencies

Adapted from Caton et al.2