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Non-Metal Clasp Dentures

Course Number: 650

Advantages of NMCD

NMCDs are becoming increasingly popular and this is attributed to their advantages which include the following:11

  1. Biocompatibility: NMCDs are more biocompatible compared to conventional acrylic resin partial dentures owing to the absence of residual monomer.18

  2. Esthetics: The display of metal clasps (used with traditional RDPs) may not only affect the patients’ esthetics but also their self-confidence. The resin clasp of NMCDs is hard to discern from the surrounding tissues and is almost invisible in the oral cavity, thereby, offering superior esthetics compared to the metal clasps.

  3. Improved patient comfort: Thermoplastic resins have a lower elastic modulus and a softer surface compared to acrylic resins.8,19 Also, the thermoplastic denture bases can be made thinner and lighter owing to their superior fracture resistance;8 These factors contribute to the improved patient comfort with NMCDs.

  4. Fracture resistance: NMCDs are more durable and have superior fracture resistance compared to conventional acrylic resin partial dentures.

  5. Minimum tooth preparation: NMCDs are the most conservative restorations and require the least amount of tooth preparation.20

  6. Less clinical time: NMCDs are fabricated quickly, require only a few short clinical appointments, and are cost-effective.