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Non-Metal Clasp Dentures

Course Number: 650

Prosthesis Design

All NMCDs should have designs that conform to the standard RDP principles.11 The dental practitioner (and not the laboratory technician) should design the prosthesis. For the partially edentulous patients with high esthetic demands, the entire framework and essential components can be fabricated using the flexible denture base resin. Unfortunately, these designs do not have metal rests and rely on the soft tissue for support which may lead to abutment teeth displacement and ridge resorption especially in situations where occlusal stops are missing (Figure 6).11 Optimal vertical support can be provided by fabricating a conventional metal framework supported RDP with thermoplastic denture base/s and clasps.11 This combination of thermoplastic resin denture base and clasps with a metal framework improves the esthetics and provides the desired rigidity and vertical support.11 The metal framework is designed and fabricated as per the standard RDP principles. The metal clasps are eliminated and replaced with thermoplastic resin clasps during denture processing. These clasps are designed such that they cover the cervical third of the abutment teeth, the marginal gingiva, and a part of the labial/buccal mucosa.

ce650 - Figure 6

Figure 6 - Poorly Designed NMCD