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Digital Dentures

Course Number: 662

Methodology of Digital Denture Fabrication

Digital dentures may be fabricated using a completely digital protocol or a combination of conventional and digital fabrication methods.26 However, it is challenging to digitally register the interocclusal records and the functional impressions, thus the full digital workflow for complete denture rehabilitation remains questionable.20-25

A combination of conventional impressions and maxillomandibular relationship recording procedures with digital designing, production, and processing techniques helps fabricate predictable prostheses.1 The armamentarium, the records, the software, and the training varies from one system to another. However, using a system that permits the practitioner to use their trays/instruments for impressions and records (an open digital system) which can then be sent to the manufacturer/laboratory for scanning, designing, and fabrication of digital prostheses provides flexibility and helps reduce the overall treatment cost.27