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Advanced Instrumentation for the General Practice Dental Hygienist

Course Number: 569

Advanced Instrument Choices

In most general dental practice offices, the typical set of instruments will contain data collection instruments such as explorers and probes, and debridement/scaling instruments such as scalers, universal curettes, and possibly, select Gracey curettes. Depending on the patient’s oral health, these instruments may not totally meet the needs of the patient. Often instruments that have been modified from the original scaler and curette designs will better serve to effectively and efficiently debride the sulcus and/or periodontal pocket. The instruments that will be reviewed in this course are:

  • After Five, Mini Five and Micro Mini Gracey Curettes

  • 15/16 and 17/18 Gracey Curettes

  • Extra Rigid Gracey Curettes

  • Vision Curvettes

  • Langer Curettes

  • Debridement Curettes

  • Diamond Tipped Curettes

  • Periodontal Files

  • Hoes and Chisels

  • SN 135 and SN 137

  • Nevi Scalers

  • Other Options: Shank and Tip Varieties