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Advanced Instrumentation for the General Practice Dental Hygienist

Course Number: 569

Hoes and Chisels

Hoes and chisels are often overlooked in the general practice. The hoe can be very useful to remove large ledges of calculus and stain from supra-gingival areas on the facial and lingual surfaces (Figure 48). The hoe is used with a pull stroke. The blade is straight, and the toe has a 45º bevel. It can have a straight or angled shank. The straight shank is designed for use on anterior teeth and the angled shank is for posterior teeth.

Chisels are great for dislodging large bridges of calculus in the interproximal areas (Figure 49). It also has a straight blade and a toe that has a bevel. This instrument is utilized with a push stroke typically between teeth.


Figure 48. Hoe.


Figure 49. Chisel.